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Stratifications, London, 2011
Fabricate Conference
The installation Stratifications focuses on adaptive robotic fabrication strategies in architecture. Arranged in a circular formation, the design is directly derived from the robot’s operational range and couples digital with material processes using a feedback loop to inform its additive assembly.

As the structure is assembled of 1330 wood elements that are different in thickness, the traditional horizontal stratification is disrupted and a highly articulated timber formation is achieved. The resulting formation provokes an accumulation of indeterminacy effects that preclude any efficient computational simulation. In response to this indeterminacy the mobile robot unit employs scanning equipment for measuring each layer of elements in feedback to the overall additive assembly strategy. Instead of determining absolute geometries, the project identifies new design strategies for adaptive robotic fabrication while anticipating behavioral processes as next logical step of architectural production.

Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zurich

In cooperation with: Bachmann Engineering AG, Zofingen
Client: Fabricate2011 / UCL London
Collaborators: Andrea Kondziela (project lead), Volker Helm, Ralph Bärtschi, Dominik Weber

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