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Gramazio Kohler Retrospective, Museum of Digital Art, Zurich, 2016-2017
The two professor architects Matthias Kohler and Fabio Gramazio caught international attention by building physical structures with algorithms, sensors and robots. The exhibition, developed in collaboration between the Museum of Digital Art and the ETH Zurich, showcases pivoting works of the duo as well as two robotic installations designed for this occasion. The four month exhibition negotiates the borders between science and art, shows how drones build walls, robots play with sand and styrofoam spheres defy gravity.
Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zurich

Client: Museum of Digital Art, Zurich
Collaborators: Esther Lombardini, Hannes Mayer (project lead), David Jenny, Matthias Helmreich, Adam Donovan, Stéphane de Weck, Katrin Hochschuh, Patrick Sibenaler, Sarah Schneider, Hansjürg und Margrit Fetzer, Marc Schwarz, Chenfan Zhu, Andreas Thoma, Michael Lyrenmann, Beat Ferrario, ims Industrial Micro Services GmbH, Romana Rust, Viola Zimmermann, Superform, Gonzálo Casas, Thodoris Kyttas, Roman Keller, Peter Leibundgut, Asier Marzo, Markus Haselbach, Effi Tanner, Marc Widmer, Swiss Mechatronic Art Society, Cristián Calvo Barentin, Moritz Begle, Jonas Buchli, Sven Hürlimann, Markus Pilz, Ryan Gaspar, Tom Kleiber, Fredi Zohar, Luca Callegari, Michael Volkart, Michael Hinderling, Air-View, Alexa Jeanne Kusber

Sponsors: Migros Kulturprozent, ITA (ETH Zürich), Jura-Cement-Fabriken AG, Vitra Design Museum, Loops & Bits, Baumuster-Centrale Zürich

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